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Sunglasses are for more than just looking good. Regular use of sunglasses is necessary to protect your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) radiation emitted by the sun. By wearing sunglasses, you can avoid all the damage that can come from extended exposure to the sun, like cataracts, eye cancers, growths on the eye, and even sunburned eyes!  

Fall may be on its way, but the need to protect your eyes doesn’t go away in the chiller months no matter where you are.  Besides, we locals know that here in South Florida that the sun’s rays are relentless all year round. If you’re in need of a new pair of protective eyewear this autumn, Boca Opticians is here to supply you with the best selection of sunglasses in the city at an affordable price. 

You can step inside our optical store in Boca Raton with the confidence that you’ll walk out with the perfect pair, no matter what style you’re looking for. Brands in our stock include Bebe, Bolle, Carerra, Caviar, Cazal, Coach, Costa Del Mar, Fit Overs, Flex On, Freak Show, Guess, Gwen Stefani/Gx & Lamb, Hugo Boss, I Green, Kate Spade, Kids Mira Flex, Life Is Good, Liz Claiborne, Maui Jim, Oakley, Polo Ralph Lauren, Randy Jackson, Ray-Ban, Silhouette, Swissflex, Tory Burch, Vera Bradley, and Versace. 

Between all the designer brands that we carry, it can be hard to choose! Thankfully, there are several ways to narrow down your search, according to recommendations from the American Academy of Ophthalmology.  

Before you do anything else, check the label to see if the sunglasses protect against at least 99 percent of ultraviolet rays. Keep in mind that the labels on some pairs say that they offer “UV absorption up to 400nm.” This is equivalent to 100 percent UV absorption. Don’t settle for anything less! 

Now, when will you be using your sunglasses the most? Sunglasses can be very helpful while driving, not just for getting rid of glare but for safeguarding your eyes (and eyelids) from UV rays. To optimize your driving while maintaining your eye health, go for polarized or gradient (dark on top, lighter on the bottom) lenses.

Spend a lot of time on the water? Polarized lenses are also great for fishing. Double-gradient (dark on both the top and bottom and light in the middle) and blue-light blocking (or amber-tinted) sunglasses are especially advantageous for sailors. The warm color of your vision through blue-light sunglasses supposedly helps objects in the distance look more pronounced, which is why they’re helpful to boaters. 

Polarized or super dark, the only characteristic of sunglasses that indicates their lenses’ ability to block UV light is the manufacturer’s label. In other words, don’t assume that just because a lens has a darker tint that it will do a better job at shielding your eyes from UV rays. One of the better options, however, is wraparound style glasses, which help prevent light from shining at an angle past the frames into your eyes. 

Our wide selection guarantees that whether you’re looking for chic shades for the beach or utilitarian sunglasses for driving, we have the right pair for you. 

Of course, we sell eyeglasses in a variety of styles, too. We’re also serious about saving your time: for most cases, we can have your prescription eyeglasses ready for you in just an hour. 

And in the case that you have a broken pair that you just can’t bear to let go of, never fear. We’re more than happy to repair or readjust your glasses for you or replace scratched lenses and missing screws. 

Now is an especially great time to stop on by our optical store. Our prices are already the lowest around, but you can save $40 off a complete pair of eyeglasses with our “Fall into Savings” coupon. But hurry! The offer expires at the end of the month. 

Worried about trying on glasses due to COVID-19? We’ve got you covered. Know that our optical store in Boca Raton is currently disinfecting all of our available frames using cutting-edge ultraviolet technology, so you can rest assured that it’s safe to take a visit and browse through our inventory. Call us today at (561) 368-5844 or drop by our convenient location at 122 West Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton, FL 33432.

Dedicated to providing you with quality eye care and products at an an affordable prices, Boca Opticians is your source for designer and prescription glasses and sunglasses.

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