Eyewear Maintenance

Whether you wear prescription glasses, sunglasses, or fancy designer eyewear, it is important to take care of your eyewear to ensure they function properly and last you long. 

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t aware of taking proper care of our eyewear. Knowing eyewear maintenance tips like the ones mentioned in this post will help you take good care of your prescription glasses, sunglasses, or designer eyeglasses. 

Before we start, always remember to consult eyewear experts like Boca Opticians in Boca Raton, Florida, for any eyewear-related queries you may have. 

That being said, let’s begin. 

Eyewear Maintenance 

When it comes to maintaining your eyewear, here are a few key things to do. 

  • Protect Lenses From Chemicals 

Depending on the type of glasses, your lenses can be sensitive to chemicals because they are often coated with a film to offer scratch resistance, UV protection, shatter resistance, or vision enhancement. Such fragile films can easily get damaged if they come in contact with harsh chemicals. 

Abrasive chemicals like bathroom and floor cleaners are unsafe for the film. Even everyday chemicals in things like face lotions, hairsprays, and sunscreens can have chemicals that damage the film. 

While you may not notice it first, regular contact with such skin creams and hairsprays can damage the film and your eyewear over time. 

  • Eyewear Handling 

A good way to ensure no chemicals, grime, or abrasive dirt ever touches your glasses is by making sure you wash your hands before touching the lenses. This simple habit can help you maintain your glasses for longer. 

Similarly, it is always advised to wear and take off your glasses gently, using both hands. This ensures safe handling that does not damage the frames over time. 

  • Rinse with Flowing Water 

While you wash your hands, one or two daily rinses of your glasses with some warm, flowing water is an excellent way to keep them clean and free from chemicals and the elements. This eyewear maintenance habit will allow you to regularly remove any loose debris and invisible dirt that may scratch the lenses. 

Otherwise, you may scratch the lenses when you try to clean them without ever knowing what caused the scratches. 

  • Use a Microfiber or Lens Cloth 

After you have washed your hands and run warm water over your eyewear, you should let it air dry for a while before you start wiping. Always remember to only use a clean microfiber cloth or a lens cloth for wiping. Lens cloths are preferred because they are designed for eyewear maintenance. 

One is typically provided with most eyewear, but you can also buy one from any optician, optometrist, or eyewear store in Boca Raton, FL. Boca Opticians often give a free lens cloth to their regular Florida clients if they need one. 

Regardless, lens cloths are inexpensive and effective. You can wipe down any leftover grime, oils, or chemicals your eyewear has collected throughout the day. 

  • Opt for Lens Cleaning Solutions 

The mentioned rinse, air dry, and wipe solution is good enough to maintain any prescription glasses, sunglasses, or designer eyeglasses for a long time. However, there are always tougher oil stains, grime, or chemicals that may not come off as easily with just warm water and wipe. 

This is where a lens cleaning solution or “eyeglass cleaner” can be the best option for maintaining your glasses. These are specialized cleaning solutions designed for lenses. They are gentle and cannot be replaced with conventional glass cleaners you may use for glass items in your home. 

Typical glass cleaners often contain harsh chemicals that can harm the lenses and their film. Only opt for specialized lens cleaners for cleaning your eyewear. 

  • Proper Storage 

You should not put clean glasses away without any protection. Store them correctly to prevent them from collecting dust, dirt, or other contaminants. This will only require you to repeat the cleaning process unnecessarily. 

You should always store clean glasses in a case. Most eyewear comes with a hard or soft case, and you should only store them in these cases. Hard cases are always the better option because they are safer. If you do not have a case, you can easily purchase an inexpensive hard case because they all work the same way. 

Try to avoid leaving the case open or storing dirty glasses in them. This will help prevent dirt and grime from settling in your case. 

Eyewear maintenance is not that difficult or time-consuming. It is an easy way to get the most out of your prescription glasses, sunglasses, and designer eyeglasses. We highly recommend following the mentioned cleaning steps twice a day, or at least once a day, especially when you use the frames. 

The ideal maintenance routine is to start the day by cleaning your frames and end the day with another cleaning. If you ever need lens cleaning products or professional tips, we highly recommend the experts at Boca Optician in Boca Raton, FL. 

If you want to learn more about maintaining your eyewear or about the best optician in Florida, please visit our website today. 

Dedicated to providing you with quality eye care and products at an an affordable prices, Boca Opticians is your source for designer and prescription glasses and sunglasses.

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