How to Clean Your Glasses Like Opticians

Whether sunglasses, prescription glasses, or designer eyewear, if you wear glasses regularly, then you are probably aware of how dirt, grease, or sand can get stuck in the crevices or on the lenses.

Apart from looking and feeling dirty, they can also be irritating at times. There are also various other risks to wearing unclean glasses. For example, as your glasses accumulate more grease and dirt, the chances of them harboring harmful bacteria that should never reach your face or eyes


Hence, opticians recommend keeping your designer eyewear, sunglasses, and especially your prescription glasses clean at all times. Moreover, if you regularly wear dirty prescription glasses, the grease, grime, and dirt collecting on the lenses can result in headaches or eyestrain.


The dirty lenses can impede your vision and cause your eyes to change and adjust their focus frequently. Let’s discuss how to clean your glasses like opticians to help maintain eyewear hygiene and functionality to the recommended standard of most opticians.

How to Clean Your Glasses Like Opticians

For regular wearers, who wear their glasses every day, it is highly recommended to conduct a light cleaning at least every day and a deep clean of the frames and lenses every week.

It would help if you habitually cleaned your glasses every day, and a professional yet straightforward routine, like the one we will mention ahead, should not take you more than two minutes. Hence, you have no reason not to.

You only need two items that you can get from any shop or your optician’s store/office in Boca Raton, FL:

  • A small microfiber cloth

You may have seen small microfiber cloths. They are typically included in the box when you purchase any designer or prescription glasses. If you don’t have one, you can easily buy one, as they are not expensive at all. Many Boca Raton opticians might even give you one for free.

It is the best fabric material to clean lenses, whether prescription glasses, sunglasses, designer eyewear, or even camera lenses. Their tiny fibers are excellent for cleaning without leaving smears or scratches on the sensitive lens.

  • A cleaning solution

Special lens cleaning solutions and sprays are your best option and are readily available in the markets. You will find purpose-based cleaning solutions for your specific type of glasses as well. They are safe for cleaning polycarbonate prescription lenses and protect the various coatings on different types of lenses.

If you are unsure, opticians in Boca Raton, FL, can supply you with a generic or suitable one for your glasses. However, if you don’t want to spend the extra bucks, regular “lotion-free” dish soap and water can be a good alternative to lens cleaning solutions as well. 

Professional Glasses Cleaning Routine

Here is an easy step-by-step guide to help you clean your sunglasses, designer eyewear, or prescription glasses professionally. Make it a habit to practice this procedure every day. Before starting, ensure that your hands are clean, minimizing any cross-contamination between the hands and lenses.

  • Step 1

Place your glasses under running warm water to remove dirt, grease, and other elements from the lenses and crevices. Be careful not to use hard water. If you do not have soft running water or a water softener installed in your home, we recommend opting for distilled water readily available in markets and online.

  • Step 2

Gently wipe down the lenses using a small microfiber cloth. You should do this wipe-down lightly, and you do not need to be thorough.

  • Step 3

Spray the cleaning solution on both sides of the lenses. If you use lotion-free dish soap, you need to apply a single drop on each side and rub it around before rinsing it off thoroughly. Repeat this process if you are cleaning your glasses after a long time and need to remove grime from the crevices.

  • Step 4

Dry your glasses by gently shaking off the excess water. Professional opticians often use canned air for this step because it helps them streaks and watermarks after the glasses dry out.

Congratulations, you have successfully cleaned your glasses like an optician for the day. You should experience sparkling clean vision throughout your day.


It should come as no surprise that regularly cleaning your glasses is very important, especially if you use them every day to shield your eyes against the sun or correct severe visual impairments.

The process is fairly simple, and you can easily make a habit out of it. We recommend doing this in the morning after brushing your teeth to ensure a clean, comfortable, and germ-free day.

It is always best to consult professional opticians in Boca Raton like those at Boca Opticians for the best advice and products for maintaining clean designer eyewear, sunglasses, and prescription glasses.

If you want to learn more about how to clean your glasses properly or contact the best opticians in Boca Raton, FL’s Boca Opticians should be your first choice. Visit our website to learn more.

Dedicated to providing you with quality eye care and products at an an affordable prices, Boca Opticians is your source for designer and prescription glasses and sunglasses.

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